Quantum Diagnostics offers a completely non-invasive method of diagnosis and treatment, practically unlimited in its ability to diagnose the cause of the cellular electrical imbalance of the ailment and symptoms and provide the balancing treatment of electro-magnetic frequencies to the cells and bring them back into harmony, thus returning the patient back to health.


First Stage: Diagnosis

The first stage involves the diagnostics of the patient; with a lock of hair or a fingernail clipping, the Technology can read the DNA frequencies of the individual cell groups and identify very specifically any imbalanced organs, functions or systems within the body.  This includes, but is not limited to: neurotransmitter activity within the brain, tumors or fibrosis within organ tissue, damaged or strained nervous system, microbiological and parasitic detection, hormone deficiency as well as cancers and even mental disease.

Second Stage: Treatment & Nutrition

The next stage involves the technology calibrating the balancing frequencies of the cells and transmitting these LFMR frequencies to the patient via magnetic card and homeopathic globules for the duration of the treatment, which is 6 months, until the cells rebalance the organs, tissue, nervous system, immune system, etc. whereupon the body, mind, spirit become whole.

The diagnostics also includes a Nutrition Report, which discloses both harmful and beneficial foods the patient should eliminate or incorporate into their diet. These include foods of various degrees of importance, from beef to dairy, to enzymes and amino acids, specific to each patient in their current condition, which makes sense as the food consumed is also is made from energy and the idea is to consume energies beneficial to the body, which crucially aids in their recovery. By the time the treatment is complete the patient can become consciously aware of those foods beneficial or not to their body and is free to then choose for themselves what is best for them.

Third Stage: Re evaluation

Again, the conscious person today who understands that all are connected to, and are a part of, what science calls the Infinite Quantum Field can understand how affecting the electro-magnetics of the cells, even remotely, can influence their re-balancing and re-harmonizing of the body, mind and spirit.

For the patients of Quantum Diagnostics, this means obtaining a state of being of Health, Peace and Joy.



In diagnosis through Resonance Technology we send low frequency stimulation to the body and scan the quality of response between the patient's molecular transmitters and receptors. The result is a complete picture of each cell, organ and system in the patient's body and consequently, of the health or source of illness.

Quantum Diagnostics can not only pick up a disturbance that’s already manifesting at the physical level, but can actually pick it up at the subtle energetic level before it is an illness. The Therapy consists of identifying the optimal molecular frequency of each cell and through a series of delivery systems replacing the existing distorted cellular information with a healthy one. After a short period of time, the body creates new cellular memory and holds on to the new frequency of health.

A new level of healing has begun, not just fixing the body, but helping the individual to grow to a whole new understanding of their life and their awareness as an evolving spiritual being.



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